Do you run the show in the rain or snow?

Yes, we run our show every night during the holiday season. See our calendar for days and times.

How much does the show cost ?


Is this a drive or walk through display ?

Neither!!! Imagine going to the movies !! You park you walk to the viewing area in front of display and watch the show. The show very in length. With lights and special effects dancing in harmony with the music.

Do you accept donations?

The Tamosaitis Light Show is solely financed by us this includes the lights, electrical components, new elements, a vast amount of electronic gear, programming , setup and tear down. We do NOT accept donations. We would rather you donate to your favorite charity in out name if you’d like. If we had to choose we would like for you to donate to Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

When do you start planning your display ?

We take a month off in January or so. But then we plan year round after that.

When do you start putting the first lights up ?

The first weekend in October is normally when we start for our Halloween show. It takes about 5 days to have all the scenes in place and tested.

Do you leave any of the lights up year round ?

No, the boss (the Wife) says no to that idea. LOL!

How long does it take to remove the lights ?

Its always faster to take it all down and its sad to see it be put away.

How long is each show ?

The show is on a loop so it will play however many songs we have then start over. Each year the show changes some of the songs stay the same but the lights change depending on what new ideas we come up with so until the launch of the show we aren’t even sure how long the show is.

How do you choose your music ?

We love all kinds of music and this is one of the hard parts because we like to balance what we like with what we think you the viewers want to see. But we are always looking for suggestions for new songs and which songs where a bust. You can follow us on Facebook where we usually do a post asking for suggestions or you can leave us a review or send us a message. We have an elf who takes care of all that for us.

When does the light show begin each year and what times ?

Since we do a Halloween show, Veterans Day Show, and a Christmas Show we suggest you take a look at our calendar for start times.